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ˇ Super Silent feature
  Low noise of the Mixer Grinder -
  only 52dbl units
ˇ Reverse Quadra Flow Jars
  Fine grinding due to increased
  contact of ingredients with
ˇ Drip Safe Technology
  Protects motor.
ˇ Lift and Grind Blades, reversely
  Superior Grinding due to lifting of
ˇ Modern Shape
  Less storage space

ˇ Foldable crevice tool
  The Mini Vac has an on-board
  foldable crevice tool for vacuuming
  closely along skirting boards,
  window sills and upholstery.
ˇ 2-stage filtration
  he two-stage filter system greatly
  reduces the change of blockage
  from bigger particles. These remain
  in the first filter, while smaller bits
  of dust and dirt are sucked into the
  second filter.
ˇ Superior suction power
  Thanks to its 850W input power, the
  Mini Vac has the highest suction
  power (170W!) in its category, to
  help you get your home even

Food Processor Vacuum Cleaner

HL 1643

FC 6048

ˇ With personal comfort control
   for all skin types
ˇ Superlift & cut system for close
ˇ Sensotec shaving heads
ˇ 3 dimensional contour following
ˇ 1 hour charging times gives 100
   min cordless shaving time for 1

Food processor with Smart Control and complete range of high quality accessories and blender jar for an almost infinite range of food processing tasks. Includes citrus press and juice extractor.
Electric Shaver  

Food Processor

HQ 8894  

HR 7754


ˇ For wet and dry shaving
ˇ Cordless, battery operated
ˇ Removable shaving head for
  easy cleaning
ˇ Powerful with 1250 W for quick
ˇ With a care setting at 57o C for
   protecting hair moisture
ˇ With diffuser for building volume in
   the hair and detachable drying
Electric Shaver


HP 6307

HP 4857

Ceralon soleplate
The smooth-gliding soleplate with Ceralon coating is highly durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Ideal for ironing a wide range of fabrics.

ˇ Aerodynamic design
ˇ Temperature control for
   different fabrics
ˇ Break resistant
ˇ Powerful 1000W
ˇ "Ceralon" coated sole plate for
  better gliding  

Unique Careeza™ soleplate
The special Philips Careeza™ soleplate glides easily over all types of fabric, keeping your clothes in perfect condition.
Drip-stop system
Prevents staining of fabrics as there is no water leakage even when steam-ironing at low temperatures.
High steam output
Thanks to Elance’s continuous steam output of up to 35g/min, you can smooth out even the most stubborn creases. And with 2000W input power, the soleplate heats up rapidly, so you won’t have to wait around.

Steam iron Steam iron
Plus GC 1520 GC 3115

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