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Street Lighting

Over the years streetlights have undergone a steady transformation into energy efficient streetlight stystems with higher degreee of IP protection.  Streetlight luminaires suitable for HPSV, HPMV, MH, FTL, & CFL lamps are available in various configurations viz- single piece deep drawn aluminium, single piece die cast aluminium, two piece construction with deep drawn sheet canopy and die cast control gear housing.  The optics for streetlight luminaires comprises either a pair of parabolic reflectors or 'P.O.T.' reflector for precise illumination.  All these are designed to suit the specific street lighting requirements of our customers.
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Crompton Greaves Street Lighting Luminaries

Industrial Lighting

Today industrial luminaries are available in various forms and sizes to cater efficiently to the entire gamut of industrial applications.Industrial luminaries suitable for FTL, HPSV, HPMV and MH lamps in various wattage are available for areas like automobile plants, pharmaceuticals, aluminum/steel mills, textile/garment units, power stations, cement plants, warehouses, engineering industries, acid plants, battery rooms, chemical & fertilizers industries, coal plants, material handling plants, factory assembly lines sports halls, railway platforms, workshops, aircraft hangers etc.
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Crompton Greaves Industrial Lighting Luminaries

Commercial Lighting

Mirror optic has become a generic name for Commercial luminaries using specular anodized alluminium reflector system for efficient and effective lighting.  Besides
This commercial luminaries with paralite louvers are also being widely used.
Commercial luminaries are used for both, recess (false ceilings of various types) as well as surface mounting and are suitable for FTL & CFL lamps.  The optics are scientifically designed with conventional (standard), low glare and Category-2 louvres in accordance with international standards.  These luminaries are suitable for commercial areas, offices, banks, auditoria, pharma/food industries, software parks, control rooms with large numbers of VDUs and a host of other commercial applications.
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Crompton Greaves Commercial Lighting Luminaries

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